“Achieve our goal”

I would like to thank you guys at MiChem Dynamics for helping us achieve our goal of FINALLY getting HACCP certified.

I want to thank Lee Mofokeng especially for his absolute dedication and for writing a system so well that we can go for FSSC 22000 certification with very minor changes in our system. He guided us and helped us reach what we thought would be impossible (and actually was when he started). Thank you again Lee, we honestly could NOT have done this without you, you have become a friend to us!

I also want to thank you for your support through the awful time I experienced personally, you Lee are a superhero!!!

Nicolene Louw
Consolidated Starch Industries (CSI)

“I would like to express my gratitude”

I would like to express my gratitude towards MiChem Dynamics for the proficiency and dynamism of their team.

The level of passion, commitment and experience portrayed by the facilitator Santie van Niekerk towards the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Lab QMS training was unlike I had ever seen before and a gem to be sought after. The training is practical and action-oriented which makes it understandable even for someone that has not been previously trained on ISO standards.

I would immensely recommend MiChem Dynamics to any company looking towards accreditation, certification or as a platform to improve their standards through one of their consultation and auditing services.

Dr. Lerato Madike

“Highly experienced, energetic and Well Informed”

I would like to send my greatest appreciation to Santie Van Niekerk and the rest of the dedicated team at MiChem Dynamics for providing me with the opportunity to be trained by them in ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Santie is highly energetic, and an important part to note is that she is very passionate and knowledgeable about this field. Her enthusiasm and courage made comprehension of ISO/IEC 17025 :2017 content enjoyable and easy to understand. She gives practical examples based on experience and on real workplace experience and changes. The importance of having knowledge and skills with this training that she provides is a lifetime changer.

I would highly recommend MiChem Dynamics to any Laboratory for the services they provide including training.  Attending this training, I greatly believe will help with the release of quality, reliable and traceable results to customers that will improve quality of products produced. They are highly competitive, and knowledgeable in their field.

Sibusiso Ntuli

Passionate and dynamic team, the benefits far outweigh the costs

We would like to convey our sincerest appreciation to MiChem Dynamics.

Santie and Vinay are excellent trainers and experts in their fields and were very engaging when presenting various training. Training material were very clear and relevant with practical demonstrations and were always followed up with practical assessments to ensure effective implementation. Overall staff feedback has been very positive after attending various training sessions with MiChem.

Knowing Santie’s experience and her sound knowledge of the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard we decided to make use of her service as consultant during 2019, where she assisted us in aligning our Quality Manual to the new version.

Her guidance and encouragement have allowed me and the rest of the team to successfully transition to the new ISO/IEC 17025:2017 version. I really enjoyed working with Santie and through this interaction, I became very enthusiastic about implementing and improving our quality system.

Santie provided us with such a good understanding of ISO/IEC 17025:2017. She assisted us in identifying gaps in our system and the necessary changes that were required to take our quality system to a higher level.

Thank you for the expert advice, availability, valuable contribution and support MiChem, in specific Santie and Vinay gave us. Services provided to us include training (onsite and offsite), consulting, internal auditing and the free monthly webinars offered.

I am truly impressed by the integrity and professionalism of the MiChem team and they are most definitely our first point of seeking assistance when needed. This was truly a positive experience for us, and we look forward to working with MiChem for many years to come.

Iansha Witbooy
Rhodes Food Group (Central Laboratory)

Very manageable and exciting

What a pleasure to enrol for the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Lab QMS and Internal Auditing training courses through MiChem Dynamics.

I have been looking for new areas that our business could expand to and provide needed and well informed services. As scientists who practice in water and environmental management audits, it was such eye opening how Santie presented principles and applications of internal audits. As a results, these principles have already been incorporated into our service offering assurance for our clients thus giving them more confidence on the outcomes they receive from us.

The ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Lab QMS training also contributed significantly to the mobile lab that we have developed and how the screening results can be validated and verified in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Santie’s energy and passion for the work she delivers is infectious and even though this was over a long 6 days virtual learning for the whole day, it was very manageable and exciting. We are looking into new era of assisting our perspective clients with setting up their Lab QMS or bring us in as Internal Auditors.

Thanks, MiChem Dynamics for outstanding and price reasonable programmes.

Bonga Zuma
Lugaju Innovations

Excellent understanding of their field

I would like to send my greatest appreciation to Santie and Vinay of MiChem Dynamics. It was such an eye opener to have their priceless assistance. The excellent understanding of their field coupled with their diligent, analytical and yet practical approach to their work, has guided VGL Dimensions to accomplish unimaginable achievements.

I will always be grateful for the unbelievable work ethic from MiChem Dynamics. The different training, they provided to us over the past occasions has been excellent, we will always be grateful for that, and thank you for your efforts.

I can recommend MiChem Dynamics’ services to everyone there!

Elphus Mkhwebane

Very beneficial for our company

I would highly recommend the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 course presented by MiChem Dynamics and extremely passionate facilitator Santie van Niekerk to both the likes of experienced and novice lab staff.

This course was very beneficial for our company to have a defined guideline as to what is necessary for us to gain accreditation for our lab.

Santie is very passionate about the industry and the resonates through to her enthusiastic and lively facilitation of this course.

Emile Olën
Marlyn Chemicals

Exceeded our expectations

The team from MiChem Dynamics have consistently exceeded our expectations. Santie and Vinay are a rare breed of people who eventually become part of the family. Their team is knowledgeable, committed, ethical and hard working. They have guided us from the first introductory meeting (when we knew nothing!) to where we are today – accredited and with a track record of less than 5 non-conformances per SANAS assessment!

MiChem Dynamics is most certainly one of our most valuable assets and we can wholeheartedly vouch for them.

Dr Elsabe Botes
Test It LAB

Love for quality

The enthusiasm and professionalism of Santie and her team at MiChem Dynamics is refreshing.  The passion that they have for implementing and maintaining ISO/IEC 17025 shines through at every level.  Their free webinars and open attitude to ISO/IEC 17025 have given many a new respect and understanding of quality.  MiChem Dynamics is easy to approach and always on hand for a challenging debate around any issue of quality.  Their courses are very informative and well structured.  Their love for quality should be experienced by all.

Dr Lore-Mari Deysel
Institute for Groundwater Studies (IGS)

Very professional and friendly

For the past two years Suenita from MiChem Dynamics has assisted me with my FSA audit.

As my annual audit is of extreme importance to me, I want to be fully prepared and know that every aspect has been taken care of.

My experience of Suenita is that she is a very professional and friendly person who has assisted me receiving high scores for my audits.

95.6% for 2018 and 97.1% for 2019. My business is located in Cape Town and she is based in Johannesburg.

The fact that I am prepared to fly her down to Cape Town says it all!

Thank You Suenita!

Johan Le Roux
Nizza Foods

Very knowledgeable


Training is conducted in a well prepared and structured manner. Trainers are very knowledgeable in the topic for which training is given. All training material is very thorough and helpful. Enough time is given for asking questions and interaction. During the training sessions, one realise the importance of the topic at hand, but the training also leaves you feeling equipped to tackle the topic and implement the necessary.


MiChem Dynamics’ consultants are very knowledgeable in their field and are able to give excellent guidance. Material and documentation provided during consultation are of excellent standard. They are readily available for any enquiries and are always willing to assist.

Elscke van Heerden
SI Analytics

Great Service

We are a company are very happy with the service offered by MiChem Dynamics. MiChem Dynamics keeps our Quality Department informed of current trends, changes to legislature and generally guide us in keeping our plant safe and clean.

We have successfully passed 2 Food Safety Audits without any issues due to the advice, guidance and support offered by MiChem Dyanmics.

Ian Katsivals
Souvlaki Meat Company

Appreciation for service

I just want to send an email of appreciation for the service I have received for Suenita.

I would just like to thank her for all her assistance and all she has done for Meljo thus far.

I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Dwayne Vosloo
Meljo Enterprises

Real “hands-on” experience

What strikes me most about MiChem Dynamics is the enthusiasm and passion that Santie and Vinay have & how they go about their duties & service offering.  They are totally “INTO” ISO and how it benefits your lab in all aspects from lab analysis to client satisfaction. Both have hands-on experience of how a lab works and they gained the know-how by working as assessors and performing audits on labs.

Their training is a real “hands-on” experience with practical examples, and they adjust their workshops to suit your own lab experience and needs.  Their enthusiasm about their profession and ISO related subjects are contagious as they are very eager to help you with all your questions and are so passionate about their work.

What makes them stand out from other workshops/training is that their training does not end there, they are open to answer questions arising afterwards also.

I have attended two of their workshops and will definitely attend other workshops or training done by them when possible. To those that are seeking accreditation, I highly recommend their workshops/training sessions or if you already have accreditation but need some deeper knowledge on the subject, I strongly advise that you get in contact with them.

Dr Karin Conradie
Wynland Laboratorium

Excellent job

Once again thank you for MiChem Dynamics’ participation in the SAMPRO Workshop yesterday.

Suenita did an excellent job of conveying the information and it was absolutely relevant to our industry’s processes.  Lee also made really valuable inputs.  We learnt so much from them.

Thank you once again.

Sanette Thiart
Potato Certification Service

Done meticulously

The internal audit conducted by Santie and Vinay before our SANAS audit was done meticulously. Very few non-conformances were identified by SANAS due to MiChem’s thorough audit. In future SpesLab will be using MiChem Dynamics for all internal audits.

Dr Andrine Smith

Highly recommended

The training Santie presented on ISO/IEC 17025:2017 helped SpesLab tremendously in getting us ready for accreditation on the new 2017 ISO. Santie was extremely knowledgeable and thorough and due to all her experience in the industry, she was able to present the course in an interesting, understandable way.

I can highly recommend MiChem Dynamics for any training!

Dr Andrine Smith

Consulting Expertise

MiChem Dynamics has been associated with SpesLab since our inception in 2017.

Since the moment we decided to start the process for obtaining SANAS accreditation, Santie and Vinay have been there for every single step of the way with guidance, advice and support.

Nothing asked was ever too much effort for them, and they were on stand-by any time of the day, night and very early mornings.

SpesLab would not have achieved SANAS accreditation in such a short time if it weren’t for the expertise of MiChem Dynamics.

I would recommend no other company for assistance with accreditation than MiChem Dynamics!

Dr Andrine Smith

Will be using them in the future

Our company has had a Audit done by MiChem Dynamics.

Our audits were very professionally done and the outcome of the audit was sent to us within days after the audit, which helped in order for us to correct any findings.

SANAS did a yearly audit after our audit done by MiChem Dynamics and the findings were none.  If any were found they were minor findings.  With this being the case I have no doubt that MiChem Dynamics did a very thorough audit.

MiChem Dynamics did go to extra lengths to help us with the findings that were found and helped us resolve any issues that rose from the audit.

We at Meetse Tech Laboratory are extremely happy with MiChem Dynamics audits conducted and will be using them in the future for auditing as we know the audits will be done properly and findings will be minimal when it comes to SANAS audits.

Rosheen Marx
Meetse Tech Laboratory Services

Going the extra mile for their clients

Our company has had the opportunity to work with MiChem Dynamics were they have consulted our business in becoming ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.

We have had very pleasant experiences and outcomes.  After consulting with us we are now accredited.

After many attempts in the past from various companies we have now finally got our accreditation through MiChem Dynamics always going the extra mile for their clients.

We at Meetse Tech Laboratory are extremely happy with MiChem Dynamics and the helpful friendliness of all staff at all times.  There does not seem to be a problem to big or too small for any staff member to handle.

I have and will in the future recommended MiChem Dynamics too many companies to consult with.

Thanking you for all your hard work and dedication.

Engela Erasmus
Meetse Tech Laboratory Services

Professional & helpful

Our company has had the opportunity to work with MiChem Dynamics were they have given Training on the ISO/IEC 17025 system and various others concerning the 17025 system.

We have had very pleasant experiences and outcomes after training was given.  The persons giving the training were always professional and very helpful.  A very clear understanding of the information being trained on was given.

If we had any problems after training was given we always had the option of contacting MiChem Dynamics for help and were never disappointed. We at Meetse Tech Laboratory are very happy with the training given by MiChem Dynamics and the helpful friendliness of all staff at all times.

I have and will in the future recommended MiChem Dynamics to many companies to consult with.

Thanking you for all your hard work and dedication.

Rosheen Marx
Meetse Tech Laboratory Services

Memorable experience!

I have received training provided by MiChem Dynamics for both ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Laboratory Quality Management System Transition and Internal Auditing in the laboratory ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

The training was excellent and helped me and the laboratory team with implementing the required alterations. The interactive nature of the training was very effective and provided a meaningful and memorable learning experience.

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank Santie van Niekerk and Vinay Moodley for their outstanding service!

Naomi Jeftha
BBK Laboratory

They never miss a beat!

The team of MiChem Dynamics are ultimate rock stars. Their consultancy services are always well planned and targeted to our needs.  We highly value their quality, responsiveness, attention to detail and professionalism .  The team is always well prepared, punctual and a pleasure to work with and is dedicated to helping their clients to achieve success.  These are one of the best, highly responsive and innovative consultancy teams I have ever worked with.  They never miss a beat and are always there to answer questions and provide intelligent insight for us and continue to help us make better decisions as we grow, they never give up!

We found the one-on-ones that the MiChem team provide to bring tremendous value to our company, assisting us to concentrate our efforts and resources and proved to be the tune up we needed to improve our quality systems.  They make it their priority to resolve any post-consultancy issues in a timely manner – I feel like they are an extension of our own staff. We are deeply appreciative of all their effort and engagement with our company.

Lizet Moore
Biotox Laboratory Services

Excellent Training

Our company, Biotox Laboratory Services, have been dealing with MiChem Dynamics for a number of years and their content and presentation is consistently of high quality.   The trainers certainly know their areas of expertise and are very adaptable.  The training sessions we have attended were, without exception, very inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge, learning from experience and being fully practice-orientated.   Facilitation is outstanding and time management is always excellent.

The facilitators combine theory and examples from the field, by drawing on the experiences of all participants, and so enabling us to put a lot of the content into practice with ease.   We always leave the MiChem training sessions feeling challenged and positive.  As a whole, the dealings we’ve had with MiChem have always been professional and they deliver what they promise, so much that they are the first “port of call” when we consider any training for any of our employees.

Lizette Moore