Laboratory Training Courses in South Africa

Laboratory Training Courses in South Africa

Discipline and quality are important aspects for smooth and trouble-free operation in all workplaces, especially laboratories. Laboratory training courses cover various areas within a laboratory, such as instrumental techniques, laboratory activities, quality and safety control and laboratory management.

MiChem Dynamics is a reputable laboratory training company, providing a number of laboratory training courses  and workshops for clients in South Africa. Just like any other business, employees and management need to stay up to date regarding new techniques, International Standards, management systems and more to ensure that the organisation not only complies with regulations, but creates opportunity for improvement. Trust the experienced laboratory training company in South Africa to provide your laboratory with a wealth of knowledge and information that is easy to implement, and that will improve workflow and efficiency. Contact MiChem Dynamics today for more information about the laboratory training courses you are interested in.

Training courses for your laboratory by MiChem Dynamics

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Laboratory Quality Management System Training: This laboratory training course is applicable to all laboratories, covering International Standards for all organisations performing tests and/ or calibration.
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Laboratory Quality Management System Transition Workshop: This 1 Day Workshop explains the transition from IS0/IEC 17025:2005 to IS0/IEC 17025:2017, and how to implement these changes in your laboratory.
  • Internal Auditing in the Laboratory Training: This course has been designed for managers and supervisors, and aims to give an understanding of an effective internal audit system in the laboratory. Participants will understand the principles of Internal auditing as described in ISO 19011,and be able to develop an internal audit programme.
  • Root Cause Analysis Training: Identifying problems within the organization is essential for the improvement of quality, workflow and efficiency. This laboratory training course will help the management team to better identify problems and determine the root cause, in order to implement corrective actions, as well as preventative measures.
  • Laboratory Management & Leadership Training: Regardless of the organisation and industry, management staff require certain skills in order to succeed as a leader. Our laboratory management and leadership training will equip the management team with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively transition from a technical position into a management role.
  • Laboratory Risk Management According to ISO/IEC 17025:2017: Risk-based thinking is a beneficial systematic approach in order to minimise and manage risks effectively. Because there are risks in all laboratory systems and activities, risk management is important for quality management.
  • Management Review Workshop: This 1 Day workshop is aimed at providing the management team with the knowledge and skills to perform efficient management review meetings. Let your management meetings add value to the performance and quality of your laboratory.
  • Accreditation Documents Training: This laboratory training course covers the tools and information for effective implementation of Accreditation Document.
  • Microbiology Method Validation and Uncertainty of Measurement Workshop: This laboratory training course is a 1 Day course, and is focussed on the validation and quality assurance in Microbiological testing.
  • Chemistry Method Validation and Uncertainty of Measurement Workshop: This 1 Day laboratory training workshop 1 Day Workshop is focused on the validation of methods used by Chemical in the Coal, Oil, Petroleum, Metals and Minerals, Food, Pharmaceutical, Water and Related Industries Laboratories.
  • ISO 15189:2012 Laboratory Quality Management System Training: This course covers the important International Standards of the general requirements for the competence of the laboratory and its staff.

See our full list of laboratory training courses and the course outlines and outcomes. Get in touch with a professional consultant at MiChem Dynamics today to discuss your laboratory training needs – we will provide you with a service and solution that will help to improve the management system, efficiency and quality of your laboratory.

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