Laboratory Start-up Consultants

Laboratory Start-up Consultants

Starting a new laboratory is no simple task. Laboratories are complex, featuring various systems and machinery that need to work seamlessly together to ensure efficiency and quality of work. This is why it is to your advantage to get the help of professional laboratory start-up consultants in South Africa to assist. MiChem Dynamics offer turnkey laboratory start-up solutions for new laboratories throughout the country. The team from MiChem Dynamics will assist you from the concept-phase of your new laboratory, right through to project completion.

Get the best in the business to assist you with the start-up of your laboratory. As qualified microbiologists, auditors and management system experts, we are able to provide our clients with effective solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Contact us at MiChem Dynamics today to discuss your laboratory start-up, and to partner with a professional laboratory consulting company in South Africa. Your laboratory start-up will go smoothly and hassle-free with an experienced laboratory consultant at your service.

How MiChem Dynamics can assist you

Starting up you laboratory can be an overwhelming task, but it won’t be with MiChem Dynamics on your side. Let us help you to start up your lab, ensuring it runs efficiently and grows successfully. MiChem Dynamics offer a comprehensive service for laboratories, which includes:

  • Start-up cost analysis: MiChem Dynamics will sit with your team to draw up a cost analysis to ensure that there are no unforeseen expenses, and you can budget accordingly.
  • Laboratory lay-out and design: Working together with your contractors and instrument suppliers, we will design a layout and plan that is focussed on efficiency and functionality.
  • Management systems: MiChem Dynamics will help with the development and implementation of a management system in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189, and that meets your business requirements. We can also assist with all additional accreditation required.
  • Recruitment: MiChem Dynamics specialise in laboratory staff placements, and provide our clients with an exact and professional service. Get trained and experienced staff for your new laboratory.

As professional laboratory start-up consultants in South Africa, we also provide an excellent laboratory auditing service and offer a comprehensive range of laboratory training courses for our clients. Let us help you to identify problem areas in your laboratory, and to improve the efficiency and quality of your management system. You will definitely add value to your business when selecting MiChem Dynamics to audit your laboratory, and provide valuable and user-friendly training courses for your staff.

Get in touch with a laboratory consultant at MiChem Dynamics today for more information.

Contact MiChem Dynamics today – Leading laboratory start-up consultants

MiChem Dynamics assist laboratories across the country to start up efficiently and hassle free. Let our team provide you with the knowledge and assistance you need to successfully run your new or existing laboratory. Speak to a professional laboratory start-up consultant at MiChem Dynamics today.

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