MiChem Dynamics (Pty) Ltd offers the following auditing services:

  • GAP Analysis Audits in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189 and additional accreditation requirements.
  • Internal audit as an integral part of your own Laboratory Quality Management System.
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Will be using them in the future

Our company has had a Audit done by MiChem Dynamics.

Our audits were very professionally done and the outcome of the audit was sent to us within days after the audit, which helped in order for us to correct any findings.

SANAS did a yearly audit after our audit done by MiChem Dynamics and the findings were none.  If any were found they were minor findings.  With this being the case I have no doubt that MiChem Dynamics did a very thorough audit.

MiChem Dynamics did go to extra lengths to help us with the findings that were found and helped us resolve any issues that rose from the audit.

We at Meetse Tech Laboratory are extremely happy with MiChem Dynamics audits conducted and will be using them in the future for auditing as we know the audits will be done properly and findings will be minimal when it comes to SANAS audits.

Rosheen Marx
Meetse Tech Laboratory Services

Done meticulously

The internal audit conducted by Santie and Vinay before our SANAS audit was done meticulously. Very few non-conformances were identified by SANAS due to MiChem’s thorough audit. In future SpesLab will be using MiChem Dynamics for all internal audits.

Dr Andrine Smith