Food Safety Auditing Companies in South Africa

Food Safety Auditing Companies in South Africa

Do you require the services of a professional food safety auditing company in South Africa? MiChem Dynamics is the Company for you. MiChem Dynamics is a trusted food safety auditing company, that have assisted many clients across the country that work in the food industry.

Food safety audits are required for a number of reasons or purposes, such as to evaluate current management systems, obtain certifications to certain food safety and quality standards and regulations, assess the condition of premises and products, confirm legal compliance of food safety standards, etc. Whatever your reason for a food safety audit, MiChem Dynamics can assist. Get in touch with a professional consultant at MiChem Dynamics today to discuss your needs. MiChem Dynamics is a leader amongst food safety auditing companies in South Africa, and you can thus expect an efficient, professional and effective auditing service.

Food safety audits done by MiChem Dynamics

MiChem Dynamics offer the following auditing services:

  • GAP Audit: Gap assessments are conducted to determine the gaps in your current Food Safety / Quality Management System against the requirements of the standard you wish to be certified to. MiChem Dynamics offer pre-certification or readiness audits in compliance with R638 of 2018 (replaces R962 of 2012), GFSI, SANS 10330, SANS 10049, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BRC and/or ISO 9001. Make use of a reliable choice of food safety auditing companies, MiChem Dynamics, for all your GAP audit needs so that you can rest assured that your company meets the required food safety standards.
  • Internal audits: Internal audit form an integral part of your own Food Safety Management System. Internal audits are conducted to identify areas for improvement within your Food Safety Management System and to share ideas amongst departments. It is advised to conduct these internal audits regularly, with the focus of improving documentation and procedures, operational systems and processes and the compliance of food safety standards. The team from MiChem Dynamics will aim to help your food business to establish better procedures and improved ways of doing things, adding value to your business.

Look no further for food safety auditing companies in South Africa – get in touch with a consultant at MiChem Dynamics today to discuss your needs.

MiChem Dynamics – leading food safety auditing and training company

MiChem Dynamics is a food safety consulting company that offer a well-rounded service for clients in the food industry:

  • As a professional food safety consulting company, we will assist your business with the development and implementation of effective Food Safety and Management Systems.
  • MiChem Dynamics offer various food safety training courses that are easy to understand and implement.
  • Food safety audits include internal audits and GAP audits regarding your business’ food safety standards.

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